Attitude Principles

Make Things Happen

Teaches pro-active habit development and personal discipline.

This principle deals with eliminating a victim mentality and taking responsibility for developing the kind of discipline and new habits that lead to healthy thinking and job performance. This principle gives a person an understanding that they are in control of their own attitudes and actions.

Achieve Personal Significance

Teaches how to build a strong self-image.

This principle deals with the development of a healthy self-concept. The process of seeing your innate value and significance is balanced with the development of humility and the proper handling of criticism. Many personal conflicts and stress come from the improper view of oneself, which leads to an individual not maximizing his or her personal potential.

X-Out the Negatives

Teaches how to deal with fears, problems and other difficulties.

This principle addresses what a positive attitude is and how to cultivate it in multiple areas of life. Negative situations can cause stress that can demoralize an individual's performance. Stress and negative situations managed properly can be turned into positive experiences as long as one can identify the weakness exposed and then strive to overcome them.


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