Commitment Principles

Integrate All of Life

Teaches how to develop personal balance in attitudes, priorities, and goals.

When individuals get out of control and lose balance, they become highly susceptible to distress, anger, fear, depression and even burnout. There is a deep need to rebuild personal balance for individuals to maximize their productivity, overall job performance, and personal contribution to the team.

Zero In On Caring For People

Teaches how to listen, confront, empathize, and coach.

Research studies are quite clear. Poor relationships (relational conflict) are highly stressful and lead ultimately to mental, emotional and physical illness. Clearly, the development of relational skills such as listening, empathizing, resolving conflict, anger management, and encouraging others is essential to total health and productivity.

Energize Internally

Teaches how to live a character-based lifestyle.

People need to get back to this taproot principle of cultivating their character. As true character is developed, an individual becomes 'in sync'. Our outward behavior begins to flow from our inward character. That is true health and is the ultimate power base for real wellness.

Realign Rigorously

Teaches how to make the necessary mid-course corrections and to deal with constant change.

Most people are constantly trying to prove the illusion that 'life is supposed to be easy'. This principle teaches people how to face the difficulties of life and how to make appropriate mid-course corrections. This learning process minimizes the distress of constant emotional and mental turmoil from worrying about problems.

Stay The Course

Teaches the importance of staying focused and not quitting on the important issues.

The American Management Association has indicated that the most universal principle of successful leaders is that they just don't quit. Those that succeed at healthy, dynamic whole lives fail often; but they fail forward. They learn how to stick with it and persist, focusing on the roots of building right principles into their lives.


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