• Cathie Leimbach

Be a Fearless Leader

Carey Lohrenz has had the most dangerous job in the aviation world, yet she was able to remain calm and collected despite the stress. Carey was the first female pilot of the US Navy’s F-14 fighter jet. She excelled at landing fighter jets at night on a carrier ship bobbing in the ocean. She emphasized that doing new things or doing things differently can be challenging but having success in life requires stepping into the unknown.

Carey encourages us with maxims that inspire us to be proactive leaders.

  1. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

  2. When you feel the fear, do it anyway.

  3. When we are afraid to fail we pass up valuable opportunities.

Leaders who avoid treading in unknown circumstances, stepping into enemy territory, and taking action in the dark may be trying to avoid risk, but they may be taking the biggest risk of all by assuming that the world around them will stand still.

Be wise when faced with change.

Research and plan, and then act, even though you don’t have perfect information.

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