• Cathie Leimbach

Handicapped & High Achieving

If you were born without legs, would you imagine yourself . . .

  • Roller skating?

  • Participating in tumbling competitions?

  • Spinning in the air as an aerialist?

Jen Bricker, born without legs, not only imagined herself doing these things, she succeeded at all of them . . . very well! Jen learned to roller skate with the skates on her hands. She won the state title in power tumbling over able-bodied competitors. And she toured as a professional aerialist.

Jen was raised in a house where the word ‘can’t’ wasn’t spoken. She had dreams, and instead of telling herself they were unrealistic ideas she applied herself to making her dreams come true. She focused on her goals persistently, overcame numerous obstacles along the way, and accomplished her dreams.

What are your dreams? Have you told yourself that they are unrealistic? Or, are you working towards them? Why not lead yourself well by developing and implementing a plan to make your dreams a reality? You will be serving society well by using your talents and gifts for the good of others and yourself. Be like Jen Bricker.

Overcome your challenges and enjoy soaring through life!

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