• Cathie Leimbach

How Resilient are You?

People who succeed despite unexpected circumstances and difficulties are resilient. Problems don’t take them off track for long. They quickly bounce forward by modifying their strategy to achieve their goals. What attitudes and skills equip them to be so resilient? How can you enhance your resilience so you can achieve your most important goals?

Gemma Leigh Roberts has identified six pillars of resilience and three facets of each that enable people to develop a habit of resilience. The six pillars are: Confidence – Confident people expect they can achieve their goals. They overcome roadblocks rather than being sidetracked or discouraged by them. Adaptability – Being adaptable involves thinking and behaving flexibly. Don’t be tied to the way things have always been done; always be open to change. Positivity – Maintaining a positive attitude by being realistically optimistic increases your performance and happiness. Perspective – Looking at a situation from various points of view opens your mind to alternative ways of proceeding. Mastery – Honing your mindset and your skills in the areas needed to achieve your goals will equip you to think and behave in ways that lead to success. Stamina – Developing your stamina enables you to build momentum towards achieving your goals.

More on Enhancing Resilience

In which pillar of resilience are you currently the strongest? In which pillar of resilience are you the weakest, limiting your ability to overcome roadblocks and achieve your goals?



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