• Cathie Leimbach

Leadercast Women; The Bush Twins

When growing up, sisters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, observed their parents and grandparents serving their country. They are following in family footsteps by serving both locally and globally.

The twins recently shared their perspectives on qualities of exceptional leaders.

First, great leaders have a desire to serve and offer their time and energy to causes about which they are passionate.

Second, they sincerely care about other people and show this in several ways. They have empathy for others and are kind to them. Exceptional leaders also take time to listen to others. They mentor individuals and give them opportunities to develop skills and speak on behalf of a cause or an organization.

Third, exceptional leaders use their voice. When they have influence with people who have authority or influential contacts on an important issue they advocate for the need, providing background information, insights, and desired outcomes. They also ask for the resources needed to achieve these important results.

Jenna and Barbara Bush demonstrate exceptional leadership by actively caring for and about people in need and developing professionals. They use their voice in the media and in large venues to give visibility to needs they see around the world. Their efforts have often motivated action to improve the life experience of disadvantaged people.

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