• Cathie Leimbach

Leaders Influence

The difference between managers and leaders is that managers focus on developing and maintaining procedures and systems while leaders influence people to follow their ideas and actions.

Leadership is not about a title; it is about influence. Characteristics that enable someone to effectively influence others include:

  • Solid reputation

  • Track record of accomplishment

  • Positive presence

  • Likable manner

  • Persuasive ability

  • Collaborative approach

Lee Iacocca once commented, “Sometimes even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog, waiting to see where the dog wants to go so that he can take him there.” Leaders on the other hand, ensure that a clear direction or result is defined and influence others to move in this intentional destination.

And, don’t count on a senior leadership title increasing your ability to influence!

The title just buys a little time – either to increase your level of influence with others or to erase it.

How will you increase your level of influence?

Which of the above characteristics of an effective leader are your current strengths?

Which are growth areas for you?

What is your next step in leveraging your strengths or developing your growth areas to more effectively influence others?

Leaders as Influencers

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