• Cathie Leimbach

Resonant Leadership

Resonant leaders relate both with the people they lead and the purpose of their organizations. They lead with emotional intelligence to be in harmony with others while staying focused on achieving organizational goals. Resonant leaders have courage, creativity, hope, and optimism. Their passion captures other people’s passion and moves them all towards a better future.

A key aspect of resonant leadership is positively supporting other people’s sense of optimism and hope for their lives. This is best achieved by giving them positive feedback about their strengths and building their self-image so they can move towards achieving their dreams. This requires that we frequently catch people doing things right and encourage them in these areas rather than trying to help them by focusing primarily on overcoming their deficiencies.

This leadership style enables others to achieve authentic success. As leaders help others build satisfying and rewarding lives, they are living well themselves. Do you wish to develop your resonant leadership qualities?

The first step may be reading Primal Leadership or Becoming a Resonant Leader.

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