• Cathie Leimbach

Leaders Build Alignment

"Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: they craft a vision,they build alignment, and they champion execution."

Work of Leaders. Straw, Cullard, Kukkonen, & Davis.

In December you may have received a copy of your organization’s strategic plan. It likely outlined the priorities for the organization’s success in 2019. 1. Are you clear on what your department needs to do to support this year’s success? 2. Has your leader discussed what you are being held accountable to achieve? 3. Have you clarified with your downline what is expected from them? A great vision may have been crafted, but the plan won’t be executed well unless everyone in the organization is on the same page. Leaders are responsible for communicating the vision, discussing the why and the how of the vision, celebrating progress towards the vision along the way, and ensuring realignment when the work train veers off the tracks. Fulfilling the vision requires that leaders build and maintain alignment throughout the organization so its resources are applied to its goals. How well do you ensure your downline is aligned with the organization’s priorities so staff are focused on what the company is paying them to do rather on their personal agendas?

alignment is the 'glue'

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