• Cathie Leimbach

Caring Employees & the Bottom Line

When employees care – when they are engaged – they use discretionary effort. They go the extra mile.

Kevin Kruse in Employee Engagement 2.0

Employee engagement can be defined as the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. When employees have a positive emotional experience at work, they feel that they are doing something that is valued and worthwhile. They put more effort into their work and the organization achieves more.

However, only 17% of employees feel valued and appreciated at work, and that percentage has been dropping over the past twenty years. This is of particular concern because eighty-five percent of employees indicate that the most important factor in job satisfaction is feeling valued and appreciated at work.

It won’t surprise you that increasing employee engagement requires intentional effort. You may wonder who needs to exert this effort. Research shows that 43% of employee engagement is due to internal factors such as employee motivation and attitude while 57% of employee engagement comes from external factors beyond the employee’s control. The external factors are strongly correlated to organizational culture and how managers and supervisors lead and interact with their staff.

What can you do to increase employee engagement and organizational results at your place of work? Make it a priority to develop an organizational culture that values achieving its goals and increasing its employees’ workplace experience. Prioritize the development of self-leadership skills for all employees and supervisory skills for those who lead others. Build a healthy, high performing team with at least 60% of your employees engaged at work. When the organization goes the extra mile by investing adequate resources in equipping its staff for excellence, bottom-line results soar. Experience the difference!



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