• Cathie Leimbach

Create Clarity

In Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage, he outlines four disciplines of leading a healthy, successful organization or team. Team leaders who are intentional about leading in this disciplined manner will build teams who reach their goals and whose members experience job satisfaction.

Let’s look at the second discipline: Create Clarity.

Organizational and team leaders must be crystal clear about the group’s purpose, values, and workplace priorities. In Built to Last, Collins and Porras shared that when people grasp the purpose of the organization they are positioned to focus on the why of their work, and this leads to increased focus, commitment, and results.

If the leaders don’t agree on the purpose and priorities, how are the rest of the team members to be aligned? In The Four Disciplines of Execution by McChesney, Covey, and Huling, they share that when members of the senior management team are asked to list the organization’s top three priorities for the year it is fairly common for the lists to be completely different. If each manager is expressing different expectations to their downlines, it is little wonder that front-line employees are heading in different directions.

It takes time for the leadership team to Create Clarity, but without the leaders all being on the same page there are no common goals. And when team members aren’t heading in the same direction the organization’s efforts are disjointed, yielding mediocre results at best. Effective leaders do the difficult work of Creating Clarity to focus the organization and its resources, building a team that is positioned to achieve the organization’s goals.












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