• Cathie Leimbach

Creating a Culture of Innovators

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Carla Harris, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, intentionally serves her followers. At Leadercast 2019 she shared several of her success factors for being a servant leader. One of her leadership practices is creating a culture of innovation and a change-ready workforce.

Innovation means trying new ways of doing things. And new ways of doing things aren’t always successful. So, why should leaders encourage their people to try something new?

In the world around us there is constant change. If we don’t change to adapt to the changes around us, we will no longer be relevant. High performers who stick to the once-best-way of getting the job done will be surpassed by better ways discovered by innovators.

So why doesn’t everyone innovate? Why do many organizations and teams find themselves entrenched in a rut? Often, they are trapped in a culture of fear. They are criticized for trying something new because some resources were wasted or the results didn’t meet the goals. This is fair criticism if the unsuccessful trial becomes the norm. But when innovative ideas that improve the bottom line are adopted, organizations tend to flourish.

Since most people resist change, how can you inspire your team members to have an innovative mindset? Allow them to take risks and fail. Encourage your team members to approach challenges creatively by celebrating what was learned from failed attempts and by implementing the new ideas that yield enhanced results.

May your organization encourage and celebrate those who reach beyond the status quo.

Inspire your staff to explore, to innovate, and to make new discoveries!

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