• Cathie Leimbach

Enhance Success by Empowering Employees

Many leaders believe that employees don’t care about workplace culture or company results. They stifle success by ignoring strategies that would attract, retain, and empower quality people. At Leadercast 2019, Ginger Hardage, former Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines, debunked several underlying limiting beliefs. She shared five aspects of creating a culture that empowers employees and drives organizational success.

Hardage encourages leaders to:

  1. Be intentional about building a healthy, uplifting culture.

  2. Ensure the organization has defined its core values and talk about them regularly. Include values discussions in job interviews and staff meetings.

  3. Ignore the naysayers who think this culture craze is all fluff. Join the parade of healthy culture, high performance companies that includes Chick-fil-A, Trader Joe’s, and Southwest Airlines.

  4. Develop, write down, and distribute policies and procedures that provide a framework for doing your organization’s work ethically, effectively, and efficiently. Equip your people to do the work and trust them to handle day-to-day variables within the framework.

  5. Strengthen culture by strengthening communication without waiting for a large line item in the budget. Have face time with your employees daily, involve them in decision-making, and share success stories.

Equip your employees by providing the right level of information and training, and they will help drive organizational success!










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