• Cathie Leimbach

High Performing Team Members

Teams and organizations cannot achieve their goals without high performing team members. Let’s consider some of the value-adding characteristics of such individuals.

When individuals have positive rapport with their work mates and buy-in to the goals of their team and organization, as well as the skills needed to accomplish the work, there is great potential for synergy and strong results. Technical skills alone do not high performing team members make.

Team members who are self-aware, accept their weaknesses and leverage their strengths.

Those who are self-motivated by being in a right-fit workplace find joy in their work. Their emotional engagement helps them go the extra mile to get the job done.

High performing team members are positive, which results in them feeling healthier, making better decisions, and making their colleagues happier and more productive too.

These pro-active team members know that all work and no play is not a path to success. They understand their need for balance in their lives. People who stay sharply focused during their work days need a chance to relax. Humans are social and emotional beings with a physical body to care for and a brain to nourish. Research shows that most people’s hourly productivity drops if they work more than ten hours per day. High performing individuals make time for diverse activities every week, if not daily.

Daily exercise increases body circulation and strength, providing stamina for workplace productivity. Frequently having fun with family or friends or taking time for favorite hobby prevents the feeling that life is simply workplace drudgery. Taking time to eat and sleep well equips the body and the mind to focus and achieve both at work and away from work.

High performing team members exhibit several positive character traits, including the discipline to make time for the many aspects of a healthy life, preparing them to be engaged and productive in the workplace.

Download the list of the 10 character competencies that can help you develop such Personal Leadership Effectiveness™.



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