• Cathie Leimbach

How Your Social Life Impacts Your Success

Human beings are emotional beings. We are at our best when we have enjoyable experiences and relationships. We are not only happier when we have positive social experiences; we are more productive as well.

Let's consider three aspects of our social life at work that improve our success.

1. Close Friends at Work - People who have close friends at work are seven times more likely to be engaged at work. They will have a more positive attitude and be more productive.

2. Frequent Appreciation - Feeling valued and appreciated at work is the most important contributor to people liking their job. Yet, two-thirds of the workforce reports not having felt valued or appreciated at work even once in the past year. If you express appreciation to others often you will be acknowledging the positives at work, reducing your frustrations, increasing others' workplace satisfaction, and increasing the strength of your relationships at work.

3. Open Communication - Collaboration provides diverse ideas and perspectives, improving the quality of problem solving and decision making. Ask others for their input in addressing a workplace issue. Offer thoughtful responses when they seek assistance.

These practices will increase synergy and trust. Both job satisfaction and organizational results will be enhanced. A moderate amount of socializing at work increases synergy, morale, and interpersonal relationships, and in turn, improves productivity and profit.

What will you do this week to role model a richer social life and influence a stronger culture in your workplace?



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