• Cathie Leimbach

Integrating All of Life

Integrating all of life, having personal balance in attitudes, priorities, and goals, is one of the 10 competencies that contribute to Personal Leadership Effectiveness™.

The likelihood of being happy and successful in any aspect of life is highly correlated to engaging in diverse activities, taking time for several aspects of life including work, health, and fun.

A well-rounded or integrated life includes time for seven areas of life, known as the 7 F's:

1. Faith 2. Family 3. Finance 4. Firm (work) 5. Fitness (overall health/exercise and nutrition) 6. Friends

7. Fun. To be healthy enough to have fun with friends and family, it is important to be physically and mentally fit. To have the money to provide for life’s necessities and pleasures one must work and manage one’s finances. Faith provides a sense of meaning and purpose.

- How satisfied are you with each of the 7 F's in your life?

- How happy do you feel about each of these important areas of life?

- How content are you with what you are achieving in each area?

- What do you love about your life just now? In which of the F's do these great aspects of your life fall?

What do you not enjoy about your life just now? In which of the F's do these disappointing realities fall?

Use the 7 F's Worksheet to evaluate which areas of your life are going well and which need more or less attention. Select 1 or 2 areas in which you will make changes in the coming week or month. Set a measurable goal and work towards it!

May you increase the right-fit use of your time so you benefit from regular time in each of the 7 F's! May you enhance both your Personal and your Professional Leadership Effectiveness.



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