• Cathie Leimbach

Showing You Care at Work

87% of employees say the most important factor in them liking a job is to feel valued and appreciated. Yet, only 17% say they do feel valued and appreciated at work. This means that up to 70% of your employees could be keeping their eyes open for their next job. Start showing employees you care, and you will increase workplace morale, retention, and productivity.

Here are 11 ways you can show that you really care:

  1. Go above and beyond to personally help them.

  2. Relate to them; don't act like you're above them.

  3. Show you care about their personal life.

  4. Show interest in their significant others.

  5. Back them up with clients.

  6. Do things that set you apart.

  7. Be real and transparent with them.

  8. Make time for them.

  9. Little things do matter.

  10. Create opportunities for new experiences.

  11. Beware of the expectations you set.

Which method will you use today to show at least some of your employees how much you care? For further information click here.






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